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    Desert Rose Ranch Arabians
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    Desert Rose Ranch Arabians

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    A Complete Guide To Horse Breeding, Foaling and Foal Training - Read More

    This 3-DVD set includes a total of over four hours of video instruction by Natural Horsemanship trainer and expert breeder, Bob Claymier.

    Over one and a half years in the making, the Whispering Way™ Foundation Training Series Complete Guide To Horse Breeding, Foaling and Foal Training is the first video series to show you the entire horse breeding and early foal care process. Expert breeder Bob Claymier guides you through every step in a successful breeding program -- from selection of the mare and stallion, to mare care and exams, to actual live cover and artificial insemination breeding procedures, to foal birth and imprinting, and finally on to early foal handling and training. Each step is documented with live video examples and is accompanied by expert commentary from Bob and the highly experienced veterinarians, farriers and others that help make his breeding program so successful.

    Total Running Time (3 DVDs): 4 Hours 9 Minute
    Introductory Price: $99.95

    U.S. Postage & Handling: $6.50, International Orders: $5.00 Handling + Postage.  Orders placed for this new DVD set will be shipped in the order received.

    Order the Complete Training Guide Here

    Desert Rose Ranch is owned and operated by Bob and Linda Claymier